"Let me take a moment to express my extreme professional satisfaction with the service, quality and pricing we received from KC Installers. I use KC Installers as much as possible for projects ranging from the delivery of one lateral file, to the installation of hundreds of work stations for my largest client. I can count on KCI to put on a professional face for my clients, making me look good.

I have high expectations for perfection and hold vendors of any kind to the same extreme standards. I count on KCI on a weekly bases and they have not let me down once. I make money by continually “filling the funnel” and do not have time to answer 20 questions from an installation crew when a situation arises. KCI does a phenomenal job of actually solving issues; using their heads!

Not only am I a very satisfied customer, but I am sure there would be 15 more letters of praise from the rest of our sales staff. "

Sales Director
Contract Furnishings


"What a pleasant experience. Each and every time I call KC Installers, I know that I am being accommodated. Next I think about the installers. Ronnie, Travis, Derek, Bryan and all the others that I regrettable cannot name. I believe this next statement says it best. I remember one of my first encounters with these guys and I have referred to them as “furniture movers” and I believe it was Ronnie that said “we are not furniture movers, we are furniture installers”. That has always stuck with me because it is so true. The knowledge that they posses about “installing furniture” is uncanny. Their attention to detail, their ability to make it work in a not so perfect or unforeseen situation and the pride that they take in their work is all unbelievable! Each time they go above and beyond to complete the best job for me and my customer."

Facility Manager


"The guys from KCI were extremely professional and wonderful to work with. They helped us enhance the original plan to use every piece of the “leftovers” that we could. Thanks for making this a very smooth process."

Account Manager
Kansas Gas


"I do have to say that I enjoy working with Kansas City Installers. I probably drive them crazy with “my lists”, but they handle it quite well. You have a “good bunch” of people that are fun and easy to work with which makes all this moving stuff easier to handle."

Project Coordinator


"On a project like ours there is always the expectation of delays and challenges, but because of Kansas City Installers expertise they were kept to a minimum. The pre-installation assistance that you provided was also a key factor in making this project run very smooth."

VP of Administration
Ogletree Deakins